Unified View

Our platform provides you with a unified view of your project. No longer do you have to depend on the often used manual methods of collection from people on the field

Measure Impact

Measure the impact of the activities conducted on ground towards the goal so that you can take the necessary next steps to ensure the right results at the end of the project period.


Contribute to the measurement of sustainable development goals in terms of societal development as well as commercial growth.

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Leverage data to gain useful insights that can be transformed into actionable strategies that nurture further development with focused investments.

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To help those with the need to contribute to the development of the broader economy with the right tools to forge ahead with complete clarity.

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Key Features

Let us now take a look at the critical features that our product offers and how you can use them to make the most of your foray into SDG projects.

Project management

Activity tracking

Beneficiary tracking

Project performance

User Insights

Dashboards, Analytics, and visualization