Odisha Livelihood Missions -helping around 30,000 farmers in 6 districts across Odisha

Odisha Livelihood missions project is helping around 30,000 farmers in 6 districts across Odisha. The project is in partnership with ICRISAT and Odisha state government. The ICRISAT is using the Mpro platform to track the work done on the ground. The process starts with soil samples collected from each farmer and a farmer ID is given to each farmer to tag the information to them. Also, the farmers are given training and capacity building by the ICRISAT partner organizations, so the farmers understand the problems better. The customized dashboards let the ICRISAT team understand enumerator progress and also understand progress by each district. The analysis of the work from the ground is being monitored in real-time now.

Munich RE - MR Capture

Munich Re is a leading global reinsurer, providing products that range from traditional reinsurance to solutions for risk assumption. Unmiti app enables them to register the farmers, track/plot the farms with exact locations, store all the crop loss details and also work on CCE (Crop cutting experiment). The app was also used to track the damage done to the farmers after the cyclone in Odisha, including the crops which were damaged. The farmer profile page helps them understand the farmer participation and data collected against that farmer. The work is being tracked across all Indian states. Munich Re is also using the application to pay the field staff by tracking the attendance and time spent using the application.

TAAT SML : Sorghum and Millets

TAAT SML: Sorghum and Millets

A new pan-Africa mega initiative, ‘Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT)’, was launched recently as an ambitious and bold plan to address poverty, hunger, and malnutrition across the African continent. The project works extensively on the Sorghum/Millet Compact. The activities try to help the farmers with money lending and finding more stakeholders. The project is being tracked across 7 countries and the platform provides the app in French for a better enumerator experience. The initiative aims to revitalize and transform agriculture within the shortest possible time while restoring degraded land and maintaining or strengthening the ecosystems that underpin agriculture.


Accelerated Varietal Improvement and Seed Delivery of Legumes and Cereals in Africa (AVISA) project is using a customized solution by Unmiti team to track breeding trails, FPVS conducted, tricot trails measured for season plots and understand the genetic gains, etc. The platform is allowing them to track the work of several farmers across 9 countries in Africa. Every user is not accountable for the research work shared and they can also share observations on several project outcomes on each crop they are researching on. The data approval/verification system allows them to keep track of each and every data point.

GEOAGRO (ICARDA Date farming):

GEOAGRO (ICARDA Date farming):

GEOAGRO agriculture project aims to track all the farmers it’s working with to help them with Pest management, Agronomic practices, and irrigation practices. The mobile application allows the team to register the farmers and track the farms with accurate KML plotting and GPS locations. The mobile application is also available in an Arabic version