What is Unmiti?

The Problem

Unmiti the name means ‘Measure’ in Sanskrit. At Unmiti, our underlying belief is that measuring a project is the first step to glean its effectiveness.

Unmiti is an integrated and holistic platform that will allow organizations like yours to launch, coordinate, and track the impact on projects. Unmiti offers an easy-to-use phone application that will enable your field staff to report in real-time about the activities and the related metrics.

Unmiti’s web platform offers powerful analytics, visual representation of data for analysis and measurement of the impact that your project has had. Our goal is to ensure that the platform provides you a unified view by mitigating delays in data collection and collation so that you can evaluate and measure the progress and impact on the SDGs.

Our Advisors

Our Advisors
Raghuram Lanka

Technology Advisor

EX-Microsoft | JIO

Our Advisors
Joanna Kane-Potaka

GTM Advisor

Executive Director SMART Food (UN)

Our Advisors
Rama Iyer

Group CIO

Ex- CIO (t-Hub) | Advisor state of Assam and Telangana

Our Team

Praveen Kuruganti

CTO & Co-founder

2X Founder | MS | Product Engineering

Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi

CMO & Co-founder

2X Founder | Harvard | Marketing & Brandin